Creative Director. Ideas Man. IT Geek. Photographer. Explorer.

Now with over 30 years in marketing, graphic design and small business ownership, Mark established MDG in 1987, originally as a graphic design business, back in the days when graphic design relied on so much more than computer programmes. His business experience and successes include owning two printing franchises, creating a series of international TV screensaver titles, owning two successful café’s, and winning many graphic design awards.


He’s passionate about taking new ideas and pushing them around, expanding them and poking them until he finds a fit and a working solution for a marketing challenge. He’s not afraid to leap into the ideas and make them happen.


Mark has built brands from the beginning, including Wahu (that he named, branded and marketed for many years), which has become Australia’s leading producer of outdoor beach products - from conception to success.  Adding to his long list of accolades is the design of the ARIA Award that has remained a point of discussion for many years (pun intended).

Mark’s strengths lie in his innovative ideas, his creative skills in design and his years of staying in close contact with the social and commercial culture in Australia.


Mother. Artist. Managing Director. Relationship Manager. Counseller.

Kirsten is the driving force of MDG, bringing together the creative, the business and the communication. She is hands-on and gets involved with every client and every project.


Kirsten is all about creating the right balance and driving business excellence. She has a passion for relationships and while being results driven, her focus is on a high level of integrity and good communication - both external and internal. With over 25 years in business, Kirsten's experience covers start-ups, franchises, marketing for multi-location businesses, business management, conferences and exhibitions, recruitment, sales and service, graphic design, printing and merchandising.


A sales, marketing and business manager, she successfully managed two printing businesses for 8 years, increasing turnover by over 100% in each business and driving profits up substantially.


Her formal study started at Waikato University with study for a Bachelor of Management and she later completed a Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change, giving her a deeper understanding of what people need and how they experience the world, both in business and personally.


From start-up businesses to product development and growth strategy, we’re expert in delivering marketing and design content across all mediums.


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