The Brief

This Australian company produced a product allowed aluminium sheets to be printed the pores.


This is a revolutionary process with many applications. It resulted in signs that are resistant to sun, rain, heat, salt water, graffiti, scuffing and chemicals. MDG was commissioned to create the logo, and provide launch kits for roll out into the USA market.


MDG Creative

A strong, simple and distinctive logo was created using mono-colour and  wording only, and the tag line “all you can imagine” was used to expand the Alu and Image, adding a magical, ‘special’ feel to the brand and product.





MDG created launch kits for the USA market, designing product brochures, sample signage, trade show displays and working closely with the Bronx and North Carolina Zoo’s, Sea World Orlando, the US Navy, Zippo, Budweiser and the US postal service.





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