Franchises require specialist marketing attention. They are very different from large organisations - within a franchise network there are many stakeholders and perhaps none greater than the franchisees themselves. Ultimately the goal is to grow sales by growing brand awareness, gaining attention at a local level, and assisting franchisees with collateral to help in their sales efforts, all culminating in more profit for franchisees. The benefits then flow to the franchisor and everyone is happy.


Many marketing agencies don’t understand the importance of the individual owners and look only to the umbrella marketing approach. While it’s imperative to have a large focus on brand, there must be strategies in place that are localised and even personalised, working with the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities presented by each franchise circumstance.


Creating the right balance of marketing can make or break a franchise. Clearly there can’t be an over spend, but at the same time, not investing enough in the marketing of any business can be catastrophic.



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