MDG was founded in 1987 by Mark Denning. A talented graphic designer, some of Mark's first designs can still be seen on many record album covers of international and Australian bands and the ARIA award. Soon joined by other talented marketers and designers from a multitude of industry backgrounds, MDG has evolved to be an agency with a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas.


Keeping abreast of changes and advancements in technology and quickly grasping consumer directions and behaviours has given MDG the ability to utilise it's cut-through design ability with fresh ideas to help guide businesses gain brand recognition and take advantage of areas for growth. At MDG, the guiding force is a passion for ideas that grow into amazing results. It's about constantly keeping an ear to the ground, and researching markets to understand the subtle changes, swings and obstacles and finding opportunities for it's clients.


The work MDG produces, covers a multitude of marketing platforms both online and offline. Our offering includes brand creation, logo design, brand makeover, marketing material, website, video, social media strategies, packaging, conference design and management, retail displays, campaigns, signage and product development.



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